DW in a tight squeeze

DW in a tight squeeze

If the decision of the federal government to approve no further posts remains, Deutsche Welle will be in a tight spot in the future. On the one hand, DW will have to cope with new tasks, such as setting up a Turkish channel; on the other hand, DW will find it increasingly difficult to present itself as an attractive employer in view of stagnating personnel costs and a lack of permanent posts. Comparatively salaries on the one hand and a lack of prospects for future-proof jobs on the other are not a good calling card.

In addition, DW is burdened by decades of job cuts. The work that still has to be done was transferred to freelancers - equipped with less social protection and always confronted with job cuts or at least strong fluctuations. These employment relationships are illegal, as is shown by successful status suits before the labour courts. Here, too, DW's personnel policy is in a tight spot: Fewer and fewer freelancers will put up with being treated as second-class employees - and as a temporary solution that can be reduced if necessary. Why should we put up with this?

It's time to change the misguided politics.

  • DW needs sufficient permanent posts
  • and solutions must be found to offer freelancers, most of whom have been keeping this station alive for decades, a secure perspective, also with regard to pensions.
  • For freelancers, the conditions must improve. However, DW is now at the bottom of the pay scale in many respects, e.g. the granting of sick pay subsidies only after 8 days.

The blockade attitude practiced so far is increasingly becoming a burden - for the employees*, but also for DW itself. As a more attractive employer DW would look better...