Last call: December 16th, Foyer DW Berlin 10 AM - 2 PM!


Or this way:

 6 steps to your press pass

  1. Fill in the form (in Berlin: Presseausweis 2022 BB)
  2. as a non-member of ver.di: transfer 80 € to the account specified in the application (the membership card is free of charge for members of ver.di!)
  3. Attach proof of journalistic activity (what counts as proof can be found in the information sheet below)
  4. Attach a valid passport photo for the first order (even if there are gaps in previous years) - this does not apply to subsequent orders.
  5. Only if you need a sign for your car ("Press"): please tick the appropriate box and transfer 10€ to the account indicated in the application - this applies to ver.di members as well as non-members.
  6. Be sure to sign and send by post (not by e-mail!) to the address given on the application or to:


    ver.di Berlin-Brandenburg
    Fachbereich 8 / Abteilung Presseausweise
    Manuela Werk-Zimmermann
    Köpenicker Straße 30
    10179 Berlin

    It is quicker to hand in your application and documents directly to ver.di (make an appointment by phone: 030 - 8866 - 5420 or

    Note: For all questions concerning ver.di membership (admission, fees, benefits, change, etc.), please contact the ver.di service at, tel. (030) 88666.


    ver.di NRW
    Karstraße 123 - 127
    40210 Düsseldorf


    Processing takes place after receipt of the complete documents and - for non-members - the transferred lump sum.

Good luck with your work!



Proof of Journalistic Work

Permanent employed journalists

  • Submission of an editor's contract ( + current salary certificate, if the contract is older than six months) or
  • current certificate from the editor-in-chief, the broadcasting company or the employer confirming the contractual relationship as full-time journalist and a current salary statement.

Freelance journalists

  • most easily by submitting the fee statements for the last three months, or:

  • Presentation of the KSK certificate stating the personal identification number, or
  • Submission of contract agreements for permanent work as a journalist at broadcasting stations, or
  • Lump-sum contracts, each with precise details of effort and compensation.

Journalistic trainees

  • by presenting their contract or a corresponding certificate from the employer.


  • presentation of enrollment (REGULAR STUDY TIME) in a journalism course or a film school and a certificate from the institute stating that they require a press card for their training or for their journalistic work during their studies.


  • Proof of daily news reporting