Deutsche Welle employs over half of its staff as freelancers. Especially for those who do not design the program artistically or contentwise, DW relies on apparently pseudo self-employed people. More and more colleagues no longer want to resign themselves to carrying out the same work as celebrations, but are always threatened by job cuts. They have their employment status clarified by the labour courts, a large part of them represented by ver.di.

Deutsche Welle is currently losing one case after another. The spectrum of the represented professions is broad and there are editors, sound engineers and cameramen among them.

We at ver.di are ready for collective bargaining negotiations with the aim of agreeing on a legally secure solution that is acceptable to all employees.


Current status: Meanwhile, some complaints have been decided by the state labor courts, and objections by DW have been rejected. The judgments are thus legally binding and DW must hire the colleagues for an indefinite period of time.