ver.di´s call for collective bargaining for "NPGs"

ver.di´s call for collective bargaining for "NPGs"


In her reply, the Administrative Director has at this stage refused to negotiate, pointing out the lack of posts. They are in negotiations with the State Ministry of Culture and Media on the subject. They were aware of the problem.

As much as we acknowledge the argument that there are no posts - the DW's hands are actually tied in this respect if the policy does not move - both a misguided budgetary policy and a personnel policy that completely ignores the legal situation are unacceptable.

The topic must be put on the table in the foreseeable future - this has been agreed at the conclusion of the negotiations on TVAP 2017.

We recommend that you have your own legal situation checked by ver.di and, if necessary, participate in the "stack of lawsuits", also to increase the pressure for negotiations.