Afghanistan: Federal government must create flight and refuge …

Afghanistan: Federal government must create flight and refuge perspectives

ver.di is calling on the German government to do everything in its power to quickly get people threatened by the Taliban in Afghanistan - in particular women's rights activists, cultural and media workers who work for Deutsche Welle, for example - out of the country and offer them safe prospects for residence.

"The images we have to see of Kabul airport and its surroundings are unbearable. We are also stunned by the fact that many threatened people are stuck in Kabul, unable to find safe places, unable to get through to the airport and unable to find a place on the exit lists. The German government must finally take swift and consistent action here," said ver.di Chairman Frank Werneke.

"As difficult as it already is to get local military, police and aid and development workers out of the country, further efforts on the part of the federal government are needed," Werneke continued.

For women's rights activists, cultural and media workers, as well as for relatives of Afghan journalists and human rights activists living in Germany, Werneke said, the German government, in cooperation with international organizations, must create escape and reception prospects.

"Afghan journalists living in Germany who work for Deutsche Welle in Dari or Pashto and are known by name in Afghanistan must fear for the lives of their relatives stuck in Afghanistan. The same applies to the relatives of employees of the "Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit", not only their daughters, but also their sons. The political decision-makers in Berlin and Washington have a responsibility not to expose the people and their relatives who have fought for freedom of expression and human rights in Afghanistan to the Taliban's revenge."