ver.di at DW

ver.di at DW

  • members meetings

    Members' meetings take place regularly depending on the location (Bonn) or are organised irregularly on the basis of thematic priorities (Berlin). Invitations and announcements are sent by e-mail and usually via this website. Members' meetings serve the exchange between the members themselves and with the committee representatives. They provide important impetus for the work of "DW Betriebsgrupe".

  • general meetings

    General meetings are held at least once a year. They are the highest organ of ver.di at DW. The invitation is issued in good time, at least 3 weeks before the date. The agenda and draft resolutions must be sent to the members. At general meetings, landmark decisions are made. The members of the committees (including the pay committee, GMO, etc.) are also elected there within the framework of organizational elections.

  • bargaining committee

    This Committee is elected by the members every 4 years. Our members of the collective bargaining committee represent the interests of employees vis-à-vis their employers in collective bargaining.

  • GVV

    ...behind this is the word "Executive Board of the Association". It is elected every four years by the ver.di members of the House and is composed of the chairperson and several deputies. The GVV is the political "head" of ver.di at DW, organizes general meetings, maintains contact with the full-time staff, is the contact person for external contacts and the like. The GVV also runs this website! You can find the current GVV here:  Geschäftsführender Verbandsvorstand

  • Full-time / honorary

    Work on the Executive Board, the pay committees and the Staff Council (except for full-time staff councils) is done on a voluntary basis, i.e. free of charge, in addition to work at DW. The more colleagues get involved, the more effective this work becomes. Conversely, mass indifference can lead to stagnation, to the detriment of all.

    We are supported by full-time employees who are paid by ver.di: In advice, support in collective bargaining and association work, in legal questions and complaints.