DW's director unilaterally issues a freelance statute.

DW's director unilaterally issues a freelance statute.

DW's director unilaterally issues a freelance statute.

The director of Deutsche Welle, Peter Limbourg, has unilaterally issued a freelance statute. Apart from the possibility to "discuss" issues, it does not contain any regulations on co-determination and thus fails to effectively strengthen the rights of freelancers.
ver.di has long been calling for an amendment to the Federal Staff Representation Act so that freelancers can of course be represented in the staff council like permanent employees. The regulation issued by the director on his own, on the other hand, merely serves as an alibi.

Press release by ver.di

ver.di criticises unilateral action by DW director Peter Limbourg

Berlin, Oct 20th, 2020

The Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft (ver.di) described the enactment of a freelance statute by the director of Deutsche Welle (DW), Peter Limbourg, as a unilateral measure directed against the interests of the employees. "Neither the trade unions at the German foreign broadcaster nor its staff councils are in favour of such a statute," said ver.di national board member Christoph Schmitz. "What DW director Limbourg is selling here as an effective strengthening of the rights of freelancers is in fact a toothless set of rules that does not consider the importance of these employees at the broadcaster."

Freelance work at Deutsche Welle is common to the same extent as permanent employment. It must therefore be ensured that freelancers are represented in the staff councils in the same way as their permanent colleagues, Schmitz made clear. However, this could only be achieved by changing the concept of employees in the Federal Staff Representation Act (BPersVG), which also applies to Deutsche Welle.

"Within the framework of the current amendment of the BPersVG, ver.di demands that freelancers who are similar to employees be included in the co-determination of the staff council," said Schmitz, who against this background was irritated by the timing of DW director Limbourg's initiative. "Genuine co-determination is not made possible by a Freienstatut. Instead, the director would do well to advocate on behalf of his employees at the political level for effective representation of their interests through the Federal Staff Representation Act," Schmitz criticised.