Equal pay in all languages by increasing remuneration!

Equal pay in all languages by increasing remuneration!

On February 16, 2017, DW employees demonstrated before the collective bargaining to express their demands:

  • Demand for the unilateral reduction of fees imposed by the management in the English adaptation
  • for upward adjustment of fees in all languages (so far, for example, Arabic and Spanish colleagues were worse off)
  • for a contract modelled on Bayerischer Rundfunk for those who are to be employed not as freelancers but as permanent employees

    A first success: the fee cuts were withdrawn, the increase in the Arabic and Spanish languages will be maintained. This brings ver.di a good deal closer to its goal of fair payment through equalization of fees in the languages.


The compromise reached in the negotiations is:

  • The fee increase in the languages (Arabic, Spanish) remains in effect
  • There will be no reduction in payment for the English-speaking colleagues who have been better paid so far
  • In the subsequent collective bargaining negotiations, English-speaking colleagues will not receive any real fee increases until the gap to the comparable jobs of Spanish and Arab colleagues has been closed. This applies to speakers, adaptors and producers.