Close Gender Pay Gap!

Close Gender Pay Gap!

The difference in income between men and women also affects journalism: "Female journalists are significantly below their male colleagues in terms of income. In addition, they still have too little chance of making a career in the executive floors of the media houses. Especially among the freelancers the attempt to get fobbed off with lower fees and to reconcile career and family leads to a downward spiral that leads to poverty in old age. Transparency and collective agreements help out of this spiral," said Tina Groll, chairwoman of the German Journalists Union (dju) in ver.di on the occasion of today's Equal Pay Day. In terms of working hours, the average nationwide income difference of 21 percent between men and women means that women would have to work until 18 March without being paid for it. This difference puts Germany at the bottom of the international rankings.

"Anyone who wants to know whether he or she earns too little compared to others and whether there is gender discrimination must first know how much others earn. This is clearly regulated in collective agreements, for example. Via the advisory network for solo self-employed,, ver.di offers freelancers the opportunity to compare fees. In doing so, we are counting on as many people as possible taking part in the relevant survey. The Remuneration Transparency Act, on the other hand, does not really help colleagues because it cannot be applied in too many cases. Fundamental political corrections are needed in order to be able to take consistent legal action against pay inequality," Groll demanded.

The journalist referred to a study by the German Journalists School (DJS), which showed clear differences in income between men and women in journalism: "The media have a role model function in conveying role models. Accordingly, the editorial offices must finally make progress and close the gaps in their ranks so that outdated ideas can finally be put aside," Groll made clear.

 Under you can compare free fees at ver.di. The DJS study can be found at