The easiest way...

The easiest way... online via this link:

After your personal data follows this: "Angaben zur Beschäftigung". There are frequently questions about this:

  • "Beschäftigt als": Permanent employees fill in "Angestellte/r". Freelancers are legally self-employed, which means "selbstständig. *
  • Under  "Art der Beschäftigung" (Type of employment) - as a freelancer - enter full-time or part-time.
  • The monthly gross income (Monatsbrutto - Verdienst) usually fluctuates among freelancers. In order to avoid a constant adjustment of contributions, an average income should be given, e.g. calculated from the income of the last 12 months. We trust your information and your honesty! However, the period under consideration should reflect reality, otherwise benefits such as legal protection may not be granted.

    What exactly is gross earnings based on?

    The easiest way is to take the gross tax amount (Steuerbrutto) from your tax return or - if you work exclusively for DW - your annual fee statement. The gross tax amount / Steuerbrutto does not include, for example, surcharges and pension funds.
    Or you can take your total income (which corresponds to the "Total Gross Amount" (Gesamtbrutto) on the annual fee statement, as far as DW's income is concerned) including all surcharges, etc., and calculate 75% of it.  

    No matter how you calculate the gross profit, at the end of the ver.di contribution is 1% of the result. One percent that is well invested: In addition to comprehensive advice and legal protection, ver.di offers initial advice on questions of tenancy law, income tax advice, press passes and much more: Service und Beratungsangebote von ver.di

By the way, you always have the possibility to change your membership data, e.g. if your earnings change: Auch das geht online

And who wants to read it again exactly, can read the ver.di - statute below. Here you can also find more information on ver.di's services, e.g. on ver.di legal protection, under VI / from §15 onwards.

  • Send to:

    Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft ver.di

    Landesbezirk Berlin-Brandenburg
    Kathlen Eggerling

    Fachbereich Medien, Kunst, Industrie

    Köpenicker Straße 30

    10179 Berlin


*unless you have your status cleared in a labor court and it is determined that you are a permanent employee. This is usually the case for employees* who do not determine the content of the program. This is because DW employs a large number of its employees as freelancers without taking care of labour law. That alone is a good reason to become a member of ver.di!